sábado, 24 de outubro de 2009

Uma noite plena de amor - Parte II

still de Long Distance Love

Embora tenha gostado bastante de Long Distance Love, a palavra que me ocorre quase sistematicamente quando penso neste documentário é "overdone". O som estava impecável, a fotografia era muito boa, a história foi extremamente bem editada, mas talvez a produção tenha sido demasiada.

Elin Jönsson e Magnus Gertten, excerto de Long Distance Love, Suécia, 2009, 77’

"Kyrgyzstan today: Just married Alisher (18y) has to leave his pregnant wife Dildora (17y) to work in Russia, 3.500 km from home. Hes one of the 12-16 million Russian guest workers, who are forced to leave their countries and work, mostly illegally, under harsh conditions in low-paid jobs in order to support their families. After eight months of hardship in Moscow, Alisher decides to return to his young family, although he has failed to earn enough money to provide for them. This is a love story clouded by migration and modern slavery."

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