quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2011

reGeneration2 - Tomorrow's Photographers Today [Portraiture]

"Finnish photographer Nelli Palomaki explains how she tries to convey the magic of portraits from the past through her black and white portraiture. She has recently focused her work on children revealing their specific mood and their behaviors mirroring the ones of adults."
"Adrian Wood presents the spirit of his work, his influences, and his interpretation of portraiture and stage photography. Wood centers his work on people, on their experience, and on their lives."
"Polish photographer Anna Orlowska explains how she stages her portraits from drawing a story board, finding the right subjects, to composing the scene. Orlowska touches on a particular series presented in the exhibition, The day before, where she presents her subjects in a "moment of suspension" in their ordinary routine when they realize a change is happening in their life."
"Tehila Cohen explains how she involves her family in her work to reveal the identity of an Israeli family through spontaneous actions from the subjects and their environment."

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