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"You Fade to Light"

© Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea e Random International, You Fade to Light, 2009.

"About: rAndom International was commissioned by Royal Philips Electronics’ Lumiblade division to create an interactive installation that unlocks the creative potential of their next generation OLED technology. With the opportunity to work with thousands of OLEDs straight from their lab, they started this project by creating “You fade to light”, the worlds first OLED media wall. Fascinated by the beautiful mirror finish quality of the individual OLED modules they developed an installation that allows the viewer in front of it to engage with the light in a physical way. The wall is reflecting the person in front of it and then subtly fades their mirror image into light. The ultra-thin Lumiblade wall was on show at a special exhibit at Superstudio Piú in Zona Tortona in Milan from 22 – 27 April.
Technical details: The software I created in c++ using openFrameworks and openCV. A hidden camera would provide video for the software to process in a variety of ways, from movements using slow or rapid fades, to solid shapes (as well as being able to play video files as output). The software would then communicate with the hardware drivers created by rAndom International to control the brightness of each OLED in the matrix.
Credits: Concept, design, hardware, electronics, build: rAndom International

Software: Chris O’Shea" [Chris O’Shea]

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