segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

"Yo y el otro. Retratos en la fotografía india contemporánea"

"The Self and the Other is an exploration of the photographic gaze that engages with personal and cultural identity. While personal identity can be viewed through different constructs of the Self, one cannot overlook the representation of the Other to understand the cultural identity of a people. Being the most enduring subject of a photographer’s gaze, the Other has played a significant role in the crystallisation of human memory and opinion. The subtitle of the exhibition, Portraiture in Contemporary Indian Photography refers to the prism through which we will view the shifts, dichotomies and disturbances across the complex social fabric of life in India.

The 16 photographers and artists in this exhibition are connected in their celebration of the staged image and their works invalidate any assertion of realism. While the self-portraits are an enactment of roles derived from the imagination and lived experiences, portraits of the other depend on the complicity and collaboration of the subjects to arrive at some degree of resemblance of the ‘other’ Self.

The Self and the Otheroffers an intimate view of contemporary life in India through the lens of its most well known photographers and artists." [Catalogue The Self and the Other. Portraiture in Contemporary Indian Photography, with texts by Deepak Ananth, Pablo Bartholomew, Devika Daulet-Singh and Lluisa Ortínez Díez]

No Museu Artium em Vitoria-Gasteiz, até 7 de Fevereiro. Mais informação aqui.

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